The component canicompet-datetime-button replace the component from the ionic project. The idea is to improve the selection of the year and removing the « wheel » which is a mess to use. Source code and more information : Feel free to copy it and modify it as […]
The component canicompet-file-camera replace the classic <input type= »file »>. The problem with the classic <input> is with Android : I have written this component to add a prompt on Android. The component act like a classic <input>. Source code and more information : Feel free to […]
If you wish to ban an IP address because your website is attacked for example, you can do it from Apache.Open the configuration file of your Virtual Host and configure the Directory block.
The TCP protocol automatically should detect when the server close the socket (or crash). In my case when the server (written in Python) crash, the Android client didn’t detect it, I do not know why. Off course the server should not crash but to improve the […]
When you have a TCP server dans client and you send small data you can have delay between sending and receiving data. This Is because TCP uses Nagle’s algorithm by default. Nagle’s algorithm collect small data and send them all at once, consequently you can have […]
With Ionic and the capacitor extension « Filesystem » we can load an image from the Internet, save it locally and then use the local file. Importants information :  We could use the base64 string directly bu if you display multiple times the same image it’s slow, using […]
ADB is the tools to debug a device on Android. On Android 4.4, if you have a system apps (installed in priv-app), you can activate the debug process with the following command : Settings.Secure.putInt(caniGPSApplication.getapplicationContext().getContentResolver(), Settings.Global.ADB_ENABLED, 1); Settings.Secure.putInt(caniGPSApplication.getapplicationContext().getContentResolver(), Settings.Global.DEVELOPMENT_SETTINGS_ENABLED, 1); Settings.Secure.putInt(caniGPSApplication.getapplicationContext().getContentResolver(), Settings.Global.INSTALL_NON_MARKET_APPS, 1);   You can also […]
The LEDs can be access directly from the folder /sys/class/leds In my case I have a GPS device with only one LED running Android 4.4, I can turn on/off the LED with the following command : public static void LedBlueOff() throws IOException { BufferedWriter writer = […]